Uneven Ground

Panorama photo of Uneven Ground exhibit

In 2017, Bull City 150 researched, designed, and produced a public history exhibit titled Uneven Ground: The Foundations of Housing Inequality in Durham, NC.

The exhibit is a deep overview of the major themes of housing and land inequality as told through a local lens. These themes include:

  • colonial land grants
  • the role of slavery in creating wealth for white landowners
  • sharecropping
  • neighborhood settlement patterns by race and class
  • the role of land in upbuilding Black Durham
  • the local implementation of New Deal era policies (redlining, urban renewal, public housing)
  • the housing-related community organizing of the 1960s

The Uneven Ground exhibit reached over 1,000 discrete visitors in our initial 3 month public showings at MDC, Inc.’s downtown gallery and the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke.

Since the public opening of Uneven Ground, Bull City 150 has received nearly three dozen requests for schools, government bodies, and community organization to engage with the exhibit. We have secured two extended publicly available locations to further share the exhibit in spring 2018.

Want to schedule a group tour of the exhibit or host the exhibit in your own space?Please take a look at our Uneven Ground travel and host site agreement and contact Kimber Heinz by email at [email protected]

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